Casino Withdrawls

  1. How can I withdraw casino funds from my account?

    You can withdraw funds whenever you like, as long as the funds you are trying to withdraw is not a bonus, which comes with wagering requirements that need to be met.

  2. Are there limits on how much I can withdraw?

    The minimum and maximum amount per transactions varies depending on the chosen methos. Please visit our withdrawals page for more information.

  3. Is it possible to cancel a withdrawal request?

    Yes. You can cancel a withdrawal request. To do so access the 'Pending Withdrawals' section, under 'My Account' and follow the instructions on that page.

  4. Can my winnings be paid back into my credit/debit card account?

    Yes. Winnings can be paid into your credit/debit card accounts, as long as its is the very same used to make the original deposit and your bank accepts transactions to the card.

  5. I use my credit/debit card to deposit. Can I make a payment by using a different method?

    Yes. However, we may ask you for full documentation and may require you to withdraw back at least the same amount as you have deposited with your first method to start.

  6. Why can't I choose freely from all payment methods offered when requesting a withdrawal?

    This is due to the anti money laundering regulations that we adhere to. It also enhances your security. Unless specifically authorised, a withdrawal will be sent to the same account the deposit originated from.

  7. Are there any withdrawal fees?      

    Withdrawal fees will vary depending on your chosen withdrawal methods. Check details as soon as you have selected the method, and check with your bank; as your bank may also charge you for a withdrawal.

  8. How long does it take to process a withdrawal?

    This depends on your chosen withdrawal method. Check 'Payment Methods' to see all of the withdrawal methods available to you and their processing times.

  9. Why can a withdrawal take several days while a deposit is immediate?

    In order to release funds from we have to go through several checks and controls. This can delay certain withdrawals with hours or even up to a day. These checks are part of our commitment to maintain a high level of security. In case of further delays, this is most likely down to the payments provider.

  10. What happens if the card I used to withdrawn money has expired or been cancelled in the meantime?

    Let us know of any changes to the card and supply proof of your card being out of date, or any other reason for the change. All new card will have to be registered with us prior to use.

  11. Can I withdraw from my account and send it to someone else?

    No. We consider this a third party transaction, which is under no circumstances permissible.